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The PDF package: certified PDF & Print-On-Demand

How does it work

As a vendor you supply billing data and attachments of all invoices. If the PDF format of the invoice is available, this one is reused. If not, we create the PDF layout. Depending on the customer’s setup, the PDF is signed to become the electronic invoice or used as input to the print-on-demand service where the document is printed and processed for mail delivery.

Both vendor as customer users have web-access to the electronic invoice or to the duplicate of the printed PDF. Paper customers enjoy the same service as electronic customers, such as dispute raising, on demand downloads or duplicate requests.

The AdVantage

By combining the same format for electronic and paper delivery, the vendor can realize a seamless and soft migration to cost effective e-Invoicing. By applying the electronic advantages also to paper customers, the print-on-demand service already results in important cost benefits.

To illustrate the effectiveness of the PDF package, we have created a tool where you are able to calculate the return on investment for your specific environment. Just answer a few questions, the benefits are shown immediately.