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Event: December 6, 2012

Workshop: Forum For the Future event 2012 – Brussels: e-invoicing for small and medium businesses using one agreed standard
The e-FFF standard based on UBL has been agreed between all major financial applications and service providers in Belgium and has been endorsed by the accounting communities.

Join Us at Tour&Taxis in Brussels on December 6th, where we will present how the new e-FFF e-Invoice standard gains a three-way ‘win/win/win’ advantage when combined with an e-archive for all other business documents.

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October 2012

Cloud archiving supports multiple document feeds
Europcar has been adopting the ViaAdValvas archive solution since many years. Now the service scope has been extended to include other document classes to follow-up damage reports.

The ViaAdValvas e-archive service now supports also the intake of document feeds such as e-mail, documents on web-drive, on premise scans and mobile pictures.

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Event: June 19/20, 2012

Workshop: ICT Spring event 2012 – Luxembourg: adopt your e-billing strategy and reach 100% of your customers from day 1
The workshop will discuss the strategic choices for your e-billing implementation. We present new functions available on the the ViaAdValvas SaaS platform, supporting a hybrid implementation combining electronic and paper Invoicing together with a consolidated e-archive.

Join Us in Luxembourg on June 19 and 20 from 8:30.

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April 2012

What do DP World and AtosWordline have in common? ePDF invoices with embedded intelligence.
Both companies rely on the ViaAdValvas platform to create smart e-PDF invoice bundles for their customers. A smart e-PDF invoice does not only provide human readable pages but also contains data attachments that enable customers to verify the content and accept the invoice.

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January 2012

Panoplis and Stratiqo: happy to e-invoice European public bodies for services delivered within DESIS II and ITSS market procedures
The European Community is pursuing e-Invoice adoption, not only by decreeing but also by making e-invoices mandatory for services delivered to the directory generals. AdValvas took part in the pilot and first implementation phases of the ePRIOR e-procurement platform.

Consortia such as Panoplic and Stratiqo have now rolled-out the second wave of e-invoice adoption. Member companies such as Trasys, Atos(Siemens), Fujitsu, Ordina, Engineering, Arhs and IBM rely on the ViaAdValvas SaaS platform for audited document exchange as well as e-archive.

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September 2011

EESPA: European e-Invoice Service Providers Association has been created
AdValvas, one of the companies present at the first informal foundation meetings early 2011, is happy to announce the association now to be formalized.

Through EESPA, AdValvas continues to promote interoperability and e-invoicing adoption.

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