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When AdValvas implemented the Systemat e-invoicing platform (called Sep), the first fully integrated e-invoicing community for the SME market was created.

All customers of the Systemat Popsy accounting software product line have access to the advanced e-invoicing functionalities. The SeP portal offers approval workflow and is fully integrated with Popsy both for outbound as for inbound e-invoice processing. Additionally, the AdValvas-powered portal enables Popsy customers to process scanned paper invoices.

All Popsy customers and accountancy service companies can activate the e-invoice service from within Popsy. All Popsy installations are communicating with the SeP portal using web-services. To facilitate , the SeP portal proposes customers and suppliers that are ready for e-invoicing.

  • All SME's have access to invoices from Isabel and Certipost;
  • Access to the invoice portal is regulated by role based security ;
  • Accountant service bureau's can manage multiple client accounts;
  • All invoices are preserved in a consolidated archive, with web-based access
  • Full end-to-end integration with approval workflows and automated insertion in Popsy.

For more details, have a look at the service description, available for download in Dutch or visit the Popsy web-site.