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LeasePlan offers a range of e-Invoicing options to its customers. AdValvas is partnering as the e-Invoicing facilitator for LeasePlan. A special branded offering has been created, to enable integrated straight thru processing for the LeasePlan customers.

  • The leading lease companies have agreed a common e-Invoice format (e-Lease). AdValvas Invoice Manager supports all these invoice formats out-of-the-box;

  • Leasing companies typically invoice their customers for monthly provisions and exceptional costs. Exceptional costs are raised when a contract ends, an accident occurred or extra services have been delivered. These exceptional invoices represent the largest volume of invoices, which results in high administration costs for fleet management;

  • Together with LeasePlan, AdValvas has created a set of solutions where a customer can choose to what extent e-Invoicing will be implemented: just for LeasePlan invoices, all leasing vendors or a larger scope that includes also other domains.

Read the article published in LeasePlan Fleet News Available for download in Dutch and in French language.