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TNT Express has deployed nearly the full range of AdValvas e-Invoicing suite, including AIM A/P, AIM Self-Billing and AIM A/R (AIM stands for AdValvas Invoicing Manager).

  • AIM A/P addresses the whole e-Invoicing scope of services invoices, including Telecom, Interim, Leasing and Fuel. Invoices issuers (suppliers) post their invoices via the Belgian consolidators through the TNT Isabel connector. Invoices are split, up to line items, enriched with TNT specific cost identifiers, line items are ventilated towards cost owners for validation via a workflow engine, and finally compiled into an accountancy imputations batch file which is submitted to the corporate ERP (SAP FI).

  • AIM Self-Billing has been set-up between TNT and one of its largest customer sending parts via TNT to its customers worldwide. A recap file is send by the customer to TNT in order to track eventual discrepancies, which are finally balanced one a month.

  • AIM A/R is an outsourced solution, hosted with AdValvas, which carries out all outbound e-Invoices via the AdValvas Isabel connector. Besides the formatting and connection to Isabel, AdValvas also archives the outgoing e-Invoices.

Marc De Neve, Finance and Administration Manager has been interviewed. Have a look at the article, published in the Isabel Magazine of June 3d.

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