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This article in brief:

  • Chiquita has implemented international cross-border billing
  • 100% dematerialized using certified PDF
  • A single consolidated archive is hosted by Clearstream
  • On-demand billing supports immediate creation of invoices within seconds

The Chiquita Shared Service Centre runs the back-office applications and services for the legal entities of Chiquita in Europe. Chiquita has decided to outsource the complete e-billing process to Clearstream Services. The ViaAdValvas service processes and secures the complete flow in compliance with the legal and tax requirements of the different EU countries.

Chiquita’s JDE system generates PDFs for all outbound invoices including intercompany invoices. These invoices are then processed and secured by the ViaAdValvas platform. Clients and Intercompany clients receive e-mail notifications of their e-invoices and are then able to view, drill down and download their invoices from the presentment site.

For Chiquita this means the ViaAdValvas service is taking care of the creation of certified PDF invoices, respecting all the local compliancy regulations as well as offering a single European archive. The ViaAdValvas service ensures the compliant e-archiving services according to the requirements set by the different countries

An additional important requirement is met by the ViaAdValvas support for on-demand billing, where invoices are created within seconds for immediate consultation.

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