We believe our e-invoice solutions deliver superior value to our customers as they do away with the complexities brought by multiple formats, standards, languages, currencies, and legislations. AdValvas' Invoice Manager (AIM) platform allows business partners to seamlessly connect e-invoice streams and provides a comprehensive B2B e-invoice foundation, perfectly suitable for:


  • Inbound e-invoicing – AIM for Accounts Payable
    Accept, process, integrate and book any type of invoice automatically and streamline your accounts payable process. Our AIM platform and integrated scanning solution put an end to the age of paper processing.
  • Outbound e-invoicing - AIM for Accounts Receivable
    Drive down the cost of sending large volumes of invoices with a single solution: we take care of the distribution or presentment of invoices to any partner in the format of their choice, whether it’s in hard or in soft copy.
  • E-archiving – AIM Archive
    Do away with the hassles of stashing invoices in your basement. Our high-end facilities can hold both your scanned paper invoices and e-invoices in a secure repository which is safe to store and easy to search using web-access.