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Imagine the many ways invoices enter a company. Some are addressed to your accounts payable department, some come in through line managers. Some suppliers bill you once a year, others twice a day. Some want to send you invoices via e-mail, others via internet, and others still use EDI. And then there are those who insist on using fax or paper. No mystery your accounts payable department gets a headache.

Imagine now that you could get rid of the complexities brought about by invoice formats, standards, VAT technicalities, and languages. Now stop imagining and talk to us, about Advalvas Invoice Manager for Accounts Payable (AIM A/P). AIM A/P helps you to accept, process and integrate any invoice from any supplier, regardless if it was sent to you electronically or by mail.

AdValvas Europe acts as a single partner to cover your complete invoice flow.