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If there is one certainty, paper invoices will be there for the coming years. So, better take that into consideration and address the issue. As some suppliers do not offer electronic invoices, it will be the buyer that has to provide a way to convert paper to data. If self-billing is not an option, paper invoice processing can be optimized by implementing a scanning solution.

With AdValvas Invoice Manager you have everything you need to implement an efficient invoice dematerialization. Combining the best of 2 worlds, paper invoices after dematerialization are treated equal to e-Invoices in a combined workflow.

By scanning your paper invoices, a digital image is created from which data can be extracted by the free form OCR analyzer module.

AdValvas offers web-based verification, where a keyer not only complements the invoice but also adds enrichment data, and at the same time possibly approves the invoice.

Instead of a dedicated workstation, the verification process through a web-browser enables seamless cooperation between centralized and local staff. If you choose to outsource all or just some tasks to external service providers, the same web-centric approach enables virtual teaming.