Invoices received electronically must also be archived electronically. Following changes in e-invoice legislation, countries around the world have updated legislation to allow replacing expensive paper archives with electronic archives , doing away with paperwork. To comply with e-archiving regulation, the archive is sealed with an advanced electronic signature and timestamp.

Advalvas offers various solutions for compliant online e-invoice archiving, allowing you to implement the archive on your internal infrastructure. Perhaps consider Advalvas‘ e-archive facilities hosted by Clearstream - part of Deutsche Börse - and amongst the most robust and reliable in the world.

e-Archiving results in lower costs of archiving (storage, personnel etc.) and fast retrieval and presentment of your e-invoices. By archiving e-invoices this way, you can greatly improve productivity, service levels of and administrative processing.

Both for the vendor and the buyer, e-archived invoices are always easily accessible and searchable, in a secure environment.

Besides the official invoice documents, human readable layout and other attachments facilitate efficient invoice reception and acceptance.